Health care BGM service for Care Facilities and Walfare Institutions

Most suitable music channels for your everyday life

In the morning

Loosen up your body with the mild exercise channels to start your day in a comfortable way.

Before meals

Sing a few songs before meals to enhance your swallowing function.


Spend your day time with good old songs to focus on your memories or select any songs that would suit your mood of the day.

Before bedtime

You can select healing music or other relaxing music channels to relax yourself.

Useful Timer Setting

You can select different channels at different times of the day.
Once you preset a program, the system switches the channels automatically according to your program.

Mild Exercise for a good start of the day

Nursery Rhymes to sing along and forcus on your memories

Healing Music to get relaxed before going to bed

Central Management for Multiple Facilities

You can centrally manage the programs for multiple facilities from one management console.

You can manage timer settings for multiple facilities as well as each facility individually.

You can also insert original voice announcements in your programs.